JUAN DELGADO, CBMS, CSSC, NCTTS- Director of Sports Science

Sports Scientist + Certified Biomechanist

Juan Delgado brings his extensive clinical expertise and research background in sports science technologies to the Sports Science Lab. As a sports scientist, Juan’s expertise is in analyzing data to help athletes identify any performance problems and in developing a customized protocol that will help maximize their potential.

Juan obtained his Medical Doctor degree from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. He worked with Biomet Inc.’s Guadalajara division in the development of tutorials for surgical techniques and procedures for joint replacement and reconstruction that promote an accelerated recovery post-surgery and trans-rehabilitation for athletes.

Juan holds a U.S. national certification as a biomechanics specialist and a certification in neuro-cognitive performance training, a proven technique that allows athletes of all ages to improve their reaction time, timing and overall focus and attention span. He also holds a certification in using neurotechnology in hand rehabilitation, training softball/baseball players and golf players, and exercise adaptations for training tennis players. Juan received his certification in sports-related concussions from the United States Sports Academy. He recently became certified as a sleep science coach.

The International Olympic Committee also awarded Juan with a certificate in how to avoid injury and illness. Before joining the SSL team, Juan worked as a research assistant on a U.S.-based independent study of the immune response and cancer, quantifying and analyzing data that factored in, among many variants, the impact of exercise and diet on the immune response.

Juan has been featured on top media outlets such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and numerous MMA podcasts and articles through his work with Al Iaquinta.


Clinical Instructor | Columbia University + Advanced Hip Clinician | Hospital for Special Surgery + Sports Physiotherapist | Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

As Director of the Sports Science Lab, Rushi brings extensive experience in working with athletes of all ages and levels, including professional and amateur athletes. He is a clinical instructor for Columbia University and is affiliated with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) as an Advanced Hip Clinician.

In 2015, Rushi was hand selected by the review panel as one of the few sports physiotherapists chosen to treat the All Star Cricket team. He has also worked extensively with professional athletes of every sport, ranging from football to golf players, for post-surgical rehabilitation, injury prevention of chronic injuries as well as accelerated recovery between games.

Trained in the Active Release Technique (ART) and IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), Rushi has more than 14 years of experience working to helping athletes overcome injuries. He is a certified speed, agility and fitness specialist, a golf specialist and a running specialist.

In his native India, Rushi taught a course on a multidimensional approach to treat soft tissue dysfunction, headaches, shoulder and hip rehabilitation courses through the Indian Association of Physiotherapy and Parul University.

Sean Kuechenmeister, ATC, LAT, CFSC, FMT

Certified Athletic Trainer

As a former football and wrestling athlete for St. Peter’s high school in Staten Island, Sean brings an abundance of knowledge in injury prevention and performance training to SSL. Prior to joining SSL, Sean worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Raritan Physical Therapy, in which he designed and implemented custom mobility routines for NFL pros and high-level collegiate athletes during the offseason.

Using a variety of therapeutic modalities and soft tissue manipulation techniques, Sean provided extraordinary care to the athletes he worked with. Sean brings this expertise to SSL in working with athletes of all age groups, ranging from high school all the way to the pro level.

Sean has also presented on numerous topics such as staying injury free for gymnastics training, anti-rotational training for core strength, and functional assessments for youth athletes injury prevention.

Sean is currently providing on site athletic training and injury prevention coverage for high school football programs in the Northeast region. After recording and analyzing data from assessments, Sean has effectively created back to play protocols and has an excellent success rate in keeping his athletes on the field.

Sean received his BS in Athletic Training from Kean University in 2016. While at Kean University, Sean worked as a student-trainer for both the Men’s soccer and Women’s softball teams. Sean is also a certified functional strength coach.

Ben Gildenberg, MS.Ed, CSCS, PN-1

Director of Performance

Ben Gildenberg is a highly accomplished and driven professional with extensive experience in the field of strength and conditioning and sports performance. Holding an M.S. Ed. in Strength and Conditioning/Fitness Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Sports Nutrition from the University of Miami, and a B.S. in Exercise Science from Hofstra University, Ben merges his expansive educational background with an unwavering passion for optimizing athletic performance.

Throughout his career, Ben has amassed invaluable experience through various internships, including prestigious positions at the New York Football Giants, Seton Hall University, and the University of Miami. These roles have equipped him with the opportunity to work alongside elite athletes at various stages of performance, rehabilitation, and recovery.

His area of expertise further extends to Return to Play protocols, where he previously served as the ACL Return to Sport Program Coordinator. In this capacity, Ben honed his abilities in facilitating athlete rehabilitation, leveraging his knowledge within the New York Chiropractic & Physical Therapy team to expedite recovery processes.

At the NY Sports Science Lab, Ben’s pragmatic application of his academic knowledge, paired with his expertise in sports science and rehabilitation, distinguishes him as an impressive and dedicated asset in the field of strength and conditioning.

Jeff Hill, MS, CSCS, RSCC*D, USAW L-1, FMS, Pn-1

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jeff Hill is a highly accomplished strength and conditioning professional with a proven track record in optimizing athletic performance. With a strong background in coaching and program development, Jeff brings a wealth of expertise to his role at the New York Sports Science Lab.

Prior to joining the team, Jeff served as the Director of Athletic and Sport Performance for The United States Performance Center, where he led the implementation of a comprehensive strength, power, plyometrics, and recovery program. This program benefited over 500 athletes, ranging from youth to professional levels, across various sports disciplines.

Jeff’s coaching and playing experience extends to collegiate, semi-professional and professional rugby, where he made significant contributions as the Head Strength Coach and Assistant Backs Coach for UNCW men’s rugby team. Under his guidance, the team achieved remarkable success, including impressive rankings and a substantial decrease in injury rates.

During his graduate school years, Jeff served as the Appalachian State Women’s Rugby Head Strength Coach, leading the team to impressive rankings and notable achievements.

With his passion for strength and conditioning, Jeff is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and helping athletes reach their peak physical and mental capabilities. His technical expertise and commitment to injury prevention make him an invaluable asset to the New York Sports Science Lab team.

Stephen Binckes, MS, CSCS, USAW

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Stephen Binckes is a highly experienced NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and a Certified USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach, armed with a Masters degree in Sports Science from Hofstra University. His professional journey has led him to coach at high school, collegiate, and professional levels. In his current role, he is the Director at St Joseph by the Sea High School’s Olympic Sports, and is committed to bridging the gap between high school and collegiate strength and conditioning for his students.

Before joining the Lab, Steve’s career spanned the high school, collegiate, and private sectors. His most recent position was at the Solebury School, where as the Head Performance Coach, he managed the entire school’s facilities and their athletic teams, most notably leading the Boys Varsity Basketball team to a division championship. Prior to Solebury, Steve was the Head Coach for Parabolic Performance and Rehab, where he collaborated with the Softball and Women’s Lacrosse programs at Montclair State Universities. His versatile experience includes conducting Milb/MLB winter workouts and NFL Combine Prep.

In addition, Steve was the Director of Youth Athletic Development at RC Performance Training. Here, he not only worked privately with collegiate athletes across various levels, but also devised a tier-based youth development model to run group programs for athletes aged 8-18 from diverse sports backgrounds. His work with Freehold Township High School’s Boys Basketball team, guiding them to a Central Jersey Group IV Championship, is a testament to his expertise. Concurrently with his role at RC, he was contracted to coach the Peddie School Aquatic Association’s swimming program, independently of his work with RC, mentoring junior Olympic level swimmers aged 8-18.

Steve’s experience in the collegiate sector is equally impressive. He has worked with Hofstra University, Monmouth University, and NJIT, coaching a myriad of sports, ranging from Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Field Hockey, to Swimming and Fencing.

With his profound understanding of Strength and Conditioning, and the practical application of Sports Science, Steve is dedicated to offering top-tier training and mentorship to his athletes. His philosophy revolves around creating both an environment and a program that readies his athletes for any challenges they might face in and outside of their sports.