Optimize by Sport

Wrestling + Mixed Martial Arts
  • 3D biomechanics + video analysis of passing, approach, crank-back (wind-up), Limb acceleration, deceleration, follow-through, and recovery; as well as lower body control, stabilization and strength (hip rotation, lower spine motion, muscle activation)
  • Sensory-motor skills and neuro-technology to improve spatial awareness during fast movements, changes in position + change in ball placement, reaction time, eye hand coordination, depth perception and visual clarity
  • speed + acceleration + deceleration assessment
  • speed + agility assessment
  • muscle testing + flexibility analysis
  • Vo2 max analysis
  • auditive and visual focus testing

12, 24, or 36 sessions performance training programs

Private sessions w/ SSL Exercise Scientist + Strength and Conditioning Coach + Brain Training Specialist

  • improve flexibility of legs + spinal muscles
  • improve stability + strength of legs and spine
  • improve flexibility of upper body
  • increase endurance + stamina
  • reduce risk of injury of rotator cuff, elbow, wrist, hip, knee + ankles
  • improve movement efficiency
  • increase rotational inertia
  • increase shooting power
  • improve focus, reaction time + timing via brain training
  • improve eye hand coordination, depth perception, accuracy (both for shooting and blocking) as well as reaction time via sensory training

Pro Recovery Formula
Pneumatic compression + Cryotherapy + MarcPro + Mobility Session

  • break up muscular adhesions
  • improve mobility of spine + extremity joints
  • reduce soreness + inflammation
  • increase flexibility
  • improve lymphatic drainage