Clinical Studies

Isokinetic Extremity Testing:

Shoulder Antagonistic Strength Ratios: A Comparison between College-Level Baseball Pitchers and Non pitchers  

Isokinetic Shoulder Strength of Women Softball Players

 Norms for High School Football Players Derived from Cybex Data Reduction Computer

 Isokinetic Concentric Quadriceps and Hamstring Normative Data for elite collegiate American Football Players Participating in the NFL Scouting COMBINE.

 Comparison of isokinetic muscle strength and muscle power by types of warm-up

 The effects of bodyweight-based exercise with blood flow restriction

 Effects of 8 Weeks’ Specific Physical Training on the Rotator Cuff Muscle Strength and Technique of Javelin Throwers

 Effects of muscle strength asymmetry between left and right on isokinetic strength of the knee


Brain Training:

 Effect of timing training in golf and soccer players: skill, movement organization, and brain activity

 Synchronized metronome training induces changes in kinematic properties of the golf swing

 The Effects of Interactive Metronome Training on Female Soccer Players’ Timing Ability

 Computer-Based Rhythm and Timing Training in Severe, Stroke-Induced Arm Hemiparesis

 Effects of motor sequence training on attention performance in ADHD children

 Interactive Metronome training for a 9-year-old boy with attention and motor coordination difficulties


AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill:

 Case Study: 19 Year Old Female Soccer Player Post ACL Allograft Reconstruction

 Case Study: 25 Year Old Male Sprinter Post Hip Labrum Repair and Microfracture

 Case Study: 16 Year Old Cross Country Runner Post Fibula Stress Fracture

 Case Study: 19 Year Old Female College Track and Field Athlete Post Hip FAI Arthroscopy

 Case Study: Stroke Rehabilitation using the AlterG


Pneumatic Compression Pulse Technology:

 Dynamic compression for recovery in athletes

 Dynamic Compression enhances pressure to pain threshold in elite athlete recovery

 Peristaltic Pulse Dynamic Compression of the lower extremity enhances flexibility

 An Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device Reduces Blood Lactate Concentrations More Effectively Than Passive Recovery after Wingate Testing


3-D Sports Simulation Training:

 Neuromuscular Changes in Female Collegiate Athletes Resulting From a Plyometric Jump-Training Program

 Interactive sports simulation system with physiological sensing and psychological conditioning


Marc Pro Muscle Recovery:

 The Marc Pro Device is a Novel Paradigm Shift in Muscle Conditioning, Recovery and Performance 

 Effects of Electrical Stimulation Using the Marc Pro Device during the Recovery Period 

The Marc Pro Device Improves Muscle Performance and Recovery from Concentric and Eccentric Exercise Induced Muscle Fatigue in Humans


Power Plate Vibration Technology:

Effects of whole-body vibration on muscle activity , strength , and power

Comparing the effects of various whole-body vibration accelerations on counter-movement jump performance

Effects of whole-body vibration training on sprint running kinematics and explosive strength performance

Effect of whole body vibration on muscular performance, balance, and bone

Effects of adding whole body vibration to squat training on isometric force/time characteristics

Strength Increase after Whole-Body Vibration Compared with Resistance Training